[Advaita-l] KanchiMutt Yahoogroup

Prasad Balasubramanian besprasad at lycos.com
Thu Jul 31 10:55:37 CDT 2003

FWD-ed Message :

Please visit 


and become a memeber of the group.


Dear Fellow Devotees: 


By Creating a database of all the devotees and streamlining all the 
activities we are fulfilling one of the commands THEIR HOLINESS had 
given to us. Based on this, With THE Blessings of THEIR Holiness, 
this e-group has been constituted and named appropriately KanchiMutt 
in Yahoo. On behalf of all the fellow devotees, I would like to 
invite you to join the KanchiMutt group to enjoy the various 
advantages of the membership.  Please feel free to pass on this 
message to your other friends and family members who would be interested in this.

Thanks and Best Regards,

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