[Advaita-l] Vivekachudamani Vs Bhashyas

M. S. Ravisankar ravi at ambaa.org
Mon Jul 28 18:36:58 CDT 2003

Key thing to remember here is that a jnAni such as shrii chandrasehara
bhaarati  svaamiji  of sringeri maTha considered this as a work of shankara
and has commented on it.

As kAnchi paramAcharya mentions this in one of his talks, Sankara is not a
university professor who maintains one writing style and only
basic/preferred approach. He is a jagadguru and his goal was to help all.

When you talk about uttarayana or dakshinaayana, even now we say that sun's
north ward movement or southward movement, as we do when we talk about sun
rise and sun set. We dont always talk about the tilt in the earth's axis or
rotation and the apparent nature of this movement, and that it is the earth
that moves around Sun.  And when my 2-year old daughter asks me a question,
I try to answer her in the way she will understand -- some of these answers
may not sound perfect to an adult listener. The key is she has to understand
and make sense out of it.  Answer to a question, depends not only on the
question, but the level of understanding of who asks. It was the concern of
our aacharya to uplift one and all. That is why he is called jagadguru. That
is why he wrote prakaraNa grantha-s and stotra-s to cover people with
different levels of qualification. Only an ignorant will demand that
everything aacharya writes should conform to BSB.

As far as this list goes, I think we should consider something valid, as
long as sringeri maTha considers that valid.


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> Dear All,
> According to Michel Comans, in his work - Extracting the Essense
> of Sruthi (Sruthi Sara Samudharana ) English commentary - Motilal
> Banarsidass Publication,
> in the ascending order of importance,, the following are the
> reasons for holding Vivekachudamani as not the genuine work of
> Sri Shankara
> 1. The Style does vary from the style of writing of the Bhashyas
> 2. No extant commentary is available, as in the case of Upadesa
> Sahasri etc.
> 3. No one in any traditional commentary quotes VC / as a work of
> the Acharya
> 4. the description of the sloka in VC which extols Samadhi as
> superior to Sravana even, is directly contradictory to the
> Acharya's Whole Bhashya in Brahma Sutra IV Chapter, where he
> demonstrates the self suffeciency of Shravana as an independant
> means to liberation.
> i am sorry, i dont have the book right now with me to quote the numbers.
> Thanks & Regards,
> Venkat.
> Sadgurubhyo Namah.
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