[Advaita-l] Question on Samadhi

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Thu Jul 24 02:06:16 CDT 2003

praNAms, Hare Krishna

It is clear from shankara's major works that any amount of external effort
no matter whether it is karma, yoga & bhakti could fetch us the ultimate
realisation since what we are seeking is not an adventitious thing.  It is
our own swarUpa & has to be revealed on its own.  All mystical experiences
including various types of samadhi-s gained through suppressing /
oppressing our thought flow is not paramArtha jnAna.  shankara quite
explicit in his observation on the concept of mOksha that only dispersal of
ignorance can lead us to ultimate deliverance from the cycle of  samsAra.
All other margAs are prescribed  for chitta shuddhi & to prepare ourselves
to realise vastu tantra paramArtha jnAna.

I also request to read Sri Vidyashankar  prabhuji's mail on this subject
under the subject heading *Why yoga is not a pramANa* somewhere at the
beginning of this month.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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