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Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Thu Jul 24 01:26:49 CDT 2003

On Wed, 23 Jul 2003, venkata subramanian wrote:

> i dont understand why even a casual remark i make is taken to such a
> cudgel and bellicose by some people............like this...

I think maybe Ravi is just not expressing himself correctly.  I believe he
only meant to say that when list members think the direction of the list
is drifting they should take the initiative to right it rather than wait
for someone else to do so.  I doubt if any bellicosity was intended.

>  Nothing but some private mails that i received from people like vaidya
> sundaram etc. prevented me from posting any mail.  they have got some
> mysterious license of segregating "mere intellectual/academic" issues
> from those of "Practical" and i was told that all my posting are in the
> nature of the former.
>  If you really mean, then why dont any moderator send me what are the
> objectives, what topics are allowed and what not.........in this list.

Because we are still mulling it over ourselves.  The basic problem is
there are two types of readers.  Those who are already firmly in the
Advaita camp and just want to get on with learning the practicalities and
those who are still trying to understand.  (and a third group is those who
aren't actually Advaitins at all but they know they are not the primary
focus of the list.)  On another axis we have those who can devote a lot of
time to participation and those who can't.  Providing a proper balance
between the needs of all these groups is hard.  I won't claim we have the
correct answer yet.  As you know, I think a (n) posts a day limit is the
wrong solution to the problem but in the absence of better ideas it may
have to do.

I do agree that such matters should be discussed off the list.  If
people want to send their thoughts to listmaster at advaita-vedanta.org we
are more than happy to hear them.

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