[Advaita-l] Question on Samadhi

K Kathirasan NCS kkathir at ncs.com.sg
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Please also read this wonderful article by Michael Comans, a senior student
of Swami Dayananda Saraswati, on Samadhi. 


best regards,
K Kathirasan

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> All,
> I do not know whether this has been discussed in the list before, but
> would 
> like to ask you all.
> We know the different types of samadhi.
> How can we know whether someone is experiencing a particular state?
> If you take the case of Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra, there are stories telling
> us that he was sitting on the banks of a river in deep meditation, when
> the 
> floods carried him away to another location, and in another instance he
> had 
> no knowledge of someone cutting off his hand. He is also attibuted to some
> miracles, in which he transported some kids through yoga siddhis to a 
> far-away place and back for witnessing some fun-fair.
> To me it looks like that He was in nirvikalpa samadhi when he was carried
> by 
> the floods, and in sahaja samadhi when he was playing with the kids.
> Was He in a state of sahaja samadhi or nirvikalpa samadhi or both?
> Assuming that an individual is very accomplished to get to different
> stages 
> of samadhi, which one is considered to be best by our Acharyas?
> Thanks,
> Ravi
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