[Advaita-l] Athi Vrishti or Ana Vrishti

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> Athi Vrishti or Ana Vrishti - They Say.
> Either it rains too much....like 15-16 mails a day....or just a
> silence like this, with no mails....
> i think, the restriction of not more than 2 mails a day can be
> made 3....in fact, we received personal mails putting us to fix
> upto 2 a day.


That was to prevent flooding of e-mails. You cannot blame it for lack of
If you have a problem with a list moderation policy send it to the list
And who on earth stopped you from posting your two messages per day all
these days.

And kindly restrict your messages to the subject matter of the list. Issues
such as
this should be sent to the list moderators and  they can address this on the

And silence by itself is not bad at all. As a moderator, I definitely do not
 mind we having just 5 or 6 posts a week. It is more important that we make
constructive and useful. If you really have problems with silence, why dont
start posting useful messages/questions on shankara bhaashhya-s or
prakaraNa grantha-s or translations of his stotra-s, etc.

As a list we have a great opportunity and tasks ahead of us. It is our
responsiblity to create good online content for all to benefit from. Even
if we can not translate, even just creating  audio version of shankara's
in MP3 file (just for example
http://www.ambaa.org/audio/lalita300/index.html). I only wish more qualified
members will come forward and read works of shankara (possibly with



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