[Advaita-l] Re: Question on the Kanchi Sankara math

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 11 16:39:58 CDT 2003

As I receive list postings in the digest mode, I do not get any of the 
original postings from Sri Ravishankar Venkataraman. The archives also have 
a message saying an html attachment has been scrubbed. I am responding to 
those comments on the basis of what Nagarjuna Siddhartha had quoted in one 
of his follow-up mails. I tried to ignore this topic for the last week, and 
feel compelled to respond only because Ravishankar Venkataraman has named me 
in his response. As an aside, at a list administrative level, please try to 
send your list postings in pure text mode, without extensive formatting 
and/or attachments.

Sri Ravishankar Venkataraman wrote:

"My request to you all is to STOP this attack on Kanchi mutt ..."

May I point out that nobody here, including me, is attacking anybody? If 
anything, my very silence to date after this topic was raised last week by 
Nagarjuna Siddhartha should be proof that I am not interested.

May I also point out that what I have said about this in the past is because 
of a desire to counter what has happened in the opposite direction? Rather 
than attack, it has largely been defense. I hope those who want to quote 
various books do so comprehensively, if they wish to test the validity of my 
statement above.

"... Vidyasankar Sundaresan ... would condescend any level to somehow prove 
that Kanchi mutt is propagating disinformation."

I am not aware that I have stooped to any level to do so. You are responding 
to a posting made about ten years ago, on the newsgroup alt.hindu, in which 
I had quoted a 1987 article by a journalist named K P Sunil, which appeared 
in the now defunct magazine, The Illustrated Weekly of India. What you would 
attribute to me is primarily no more than Mr. Sunil's statements, with a few 
parenthetical comments of my own. That is all. I have, in the past, written 
on this list itself about the various Sankaravijaya texts and how they weigh 
in on this issue. Interested readers may search the archives if they like. I 
agree that emotions seem to rule, but I would ask people to examine how true 
this is in their own case, before they rush to judge others.

Best regards,

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