[Advaita-l] yajur upaakarma - July 13th - why?

M. S. Ravisankar ravi at ambaa.org
Fri Jul 11 09:26:42 CDT 2003

If you are following kAnchi panchanga, printed either for India or for New
York. yajur upAkarma is on July 13th on the ashhaaDha puurNima instead of
the traditional shraavaNa puurNima.


Reason for this is stated in  vaidyanAtha dixitiiyam. According to that if
the shrAvaNa puurNima is doshha yukta then one has to observe yajur
upaakarma in  ashhaaDha puurnima. Even if that is also doshha yukta then one
can do it on shraavaNa puurNima itself  and perform appropriate shanti.
There are different kind of doshha-s that can come into play. For instance,
eclipse, shaakadhipati becoming mauDhyam etc. are doshha-s.

shaakadhipati for yajur veda is shukra. This year, he becomes mauDhyam*
during shrAvaNa puurNima, hence that day is flawed.  That is why kAnchi
panchAnga asks people to do upAkarma on ashhaaDa puurNima.

Again, if I am not mistaken, people are divided on this issue. My brother
was joking to me that people in nanganallur are doing it on July and
saaligrama are doing it in August :-)). (both are suburbs  of Madras city).

My father is of the opinion that kAnchi panchanga is correct. My father said
that the other option is to do a homa for shukra and do it on shrAvaNa
puurNima itself.

The best thing for each person is to consult with their elders, understand
the reason and do is whatever is appropriate.

Your additional comments and corrections are welcome.


* If I am not mistaken, shukra is not visible during that time from earth.

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