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I have some thing to say regarding this topic provided of course that members or moderators do not get too sensitive. The topic is related to the authenticity of Saundaryalahari.
 This is about the second sloka of the Saundaryalahari 
(from http://www.ambaa.org/saundarya/saundarya2.htm)
tan�y��sa� p��su� tava cara�apa�keruhabhavam
viri�ci� sa�cinvan viracayati lok�n avikalam |
bahatyena� �auri� katham api sahasre�a �iras�m
hara� sa�k�udyaina� bhajati bhasitoddh�lanavidhim || 2 || 
Its meaning -

O Mother; brahma, having gathered the tiniest speck of dust of Your lotus feet, has created the worlds efficiently; shauri (vishNu) carries this speck of dust on his thousand heads with great difficulty; shiva, having pulverized this dust, smears his body with it.

For those who are having doubt, Shauri is vishNu.

My doubts- 

Does the above verse not sound characteristically "UN-SANKAR-IC"? Does it not sound sectarian? There is no objection if someone praises any form of Ishwara. Afterall, all Gods are forms of the Absolute. All forms deserve praise. But why denigrate other Gods/forms? Could such a work be considered as the authentic one of a great master like Sankara? That too the very God, VishNu whom he praises as the supreme Self in the BSB, BG and Upanishad bhashyas (his most authentic works), how can he denigrate him in such a manner? No offense meant here, but the above verse appears to be glaringly sectarian and in my opinion could not be an authentic work of Sankara.

PS - If the moderators find it too offensive, they can delete this post.

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