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>Please take a look at the link
>where the story of Adam and Eve comes up, and the
>relation to Upanishads. 

Namaste Ravi,
Many thanks for this link. I have previously heard of
this derivation of the names Adam and Eve from another
source but the movement from pippala to apple is very
interesting. I have often wondered where the 'apple'
idea came and the sweet nature of the fig is much more

One point on the Garden of Eden story.  The tree that
is forbidden in the garden is that of the knowledge of
good and evil.  In my opinion, it is because of the
swallowing of this fruit that the curse of duality
descends and Adam and Eve are cast out.
>Regarding Fig trees:
Again, many thanks for these stories. I assume also
that it must be a fig-tree that Dakshinamurti sits
before as he teaches the Rishis.  If we clear our
minds of all the Western rubbish about sensuality it
is also beginning to be understood why the fruit of
the fig should have its later allusions in the
spiritual traditions of 'the lover.'

Have you any other thoughts on the 'Father' in the
Rgvedic sukta and the horse in the creation myth?

Sorry, I am just being greedy,

Thanks for your help so far,

Ken Knight

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