[Advaita-l] Some basic questions on Advaita

Nagarjuna Siddhartha nagarjunasiddhartha at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 6 13:17:54 CDT 2003

I have some basic questions on advaita.
1. Does "tat tvam asi" mean that -
a. jIva and brahman are identical  ( I - the jIva, am brahman )
b. jIva is unreal while brahman is real ( I am not the jIva but I am brahman )
It seems a) is endorsed by Padmapada while b) is endorsed by Suresvara. Is this true? What view does Sankara endorse?
2. Is Ishwara also a reflection? (cidAbhAsa) 
3. Is jIva a reflection of Ishwara or brahman?
4. Is it necessary for a sAdhaka to acknowledge the existence of Ishwara or is it enough if he acknowledges brahman?
5. Is mAyA the same as avidya or is it different from it?
6. Is jIva one or many?

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