[Advaita-l] Re: Arjuna's paramArtha jnAna

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Fri Jul 4 08:22:13 CDT 2003

The issue is one of adhikAra. At the beginning, arjuna wanted to run away
from the battle and said he would renounce everything. It was Krishna's
to point out to him that this was the wrong course for Arjuna at that
juncture. Why? True renunciation needs a prerequisite - vairAgya :

>  praNAm Sri Vidya prabhuji
>  Hare Krishna

>  prabhuji, if arjuna, being  a kshatriya, was entitled (adhikAra) to do
only karma yOga , why krishna had to tell him other three yogAs prabhuji??
straightaway krishna could have convinced arjuna to discharge his kshatriya
dharma (karma yOga would have been more than enough for arjuna at that
particular point of time).  Why sAnkhya, bhakti etc. prabhuji?? It triggers
one more doubt, has Krishna identified the wrong person (person who is not
fully ready to receive the divine knowledge)to bestow brahma vidyA??

>  Moreover, if we see at the end, after listening to gItOpadEsha arjuna
said to krishna  "nashtO mOhaH smutirlabdA! tvatprasAdAnmayAchuta!!
sthitOsmi gata samshayaH! karishye vachanaM tava!!

prabhuji, was arjuna's achievement nastO mOha, gata samShaya etc.... purely
temporary prabhuji?? has arjuna gained only *kshaNika jnAna* through
gItOpadEsha prabhuji..pls clarify.

>  Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
>  bhaskar

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