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Namaste Vidyasankar,

It seems to me that the shortcut transliteration
is unnecessary if your objective is for a
universal reach. If you are only trying to
communicate with people who need the shortcut
transliteration scheme, then it is an entirely
different matter. For English-non-Sanskrit readers
like myself, it is more daunting to run into the
these odd forms, especially if you are trying to
explain about advaita vedaNta in a FAQ. Presumably
those who can make good use of the shortcut
transliteration scheme would not need a FAQ of
advaita vedaNta, n'est-ce pas?


Also, so many Sanskrit words, as on my 2nd list
[without immediate explanation relief] is doubly

Again, it depends on your audience and your

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>MaNduKyA, would that be a different word? As a
>person who has the misfortune of not knowing
>Sanskrit, my guess of course is that the capital
>letters are where they are for a reason. I
>figured it out or I missed something somewhere.

Dear Min,

Yes, the capitals are used for a specific purpose,
as a shortcut
transliteration scheme, to avoid complicated
transliteration marks like
macron, underdot etc. Please see
www.advaita-vedanta.org/avhp/ and go to the
link called Transliteration at the top. There is
an explanation of the
symbols there. I will add a pronunciation key to
that page soon. Feel free
to ask if anything on that page is unclear.

Best regards,

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