[Advaita-l] e: Bhutas and Tantra

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> i fully subcribe to the views expressed in Mr. Srikrishna
> Ghadiyaram's mail.  Boldness to truth is one of the
> charcteristics of a Bhakta.  One should not be smashed simply
> because what he says is not accepted by the Shankara Maths.

Dear Sri Venkata Subramanianji:

There is difference between truth and opinion (or a educated guess).  Even
though truth is always welcome, ***not all opinions are welcome***. I am not
even sure whether a free enquiry into truth is even possible.

FYI, if a view is not acceptable by shankara maTha-s, then it should be not
acceptable to this list. To make it more specific, we should consider the
view of shringeri maTha as final (even in issues such as date of shankara
etc.) It may be interesting to note the views of Holenarsipur Swamiji and it
is ok to discuss it. But the final word on these matters (as far as this
list concerned) should be based on what acharyas of the shringeri maTha

I do think this list is about free enquiry into truth. It operates under
certain  framework.


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