[Advaita-l] A Strategy for Discussion on the Soundaryalahari Digest

V. Krishnamurthy profvk at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 21 23:28:29 CDT 2003


While I thank several of the members who have personally written
to me encouraging words of appreciation, I have yet to reply to
some who have raised a few legitimate questions.  Some of the
questions raised are:
1.	Is Shankara the author of Soundaryalahari? 
2.	Is the Paramacharya trying to please everybody?
3.	The ‘definition’ of truth given in DPDS – 08 is not
4.	How can Brahman have a ‘Desire’?
5.	Is Soundaryalahari an advaitic work or a religious piece of
6.	Shall we conclude that the Paramacharya  relies on blind
faith rather than logic?

Instead of trying to answer these and similar questions myself I
would recommend them to be raised in the public forum on the
group itself so that interested members may participate in the
discussion. This way we might be paving the way for a useful
discussion on the discourses.
I have also another suggestion to make. The Discourses cover a
wide ground, almost the entire spectrum of religion and
spirituality. It would do us good to read them back and forth
more than once. Many doubts that legitimately arise get cleared
as we go along. And you can depend on the Paramacharya to
anticipate many of our doubts. 
Also I must say that the Paramacharya is very lucid in his
presentation. If you find any lack of lucidity or clarity in the
‘Digest’ presented to you, it would only be my fault. I shall be
happy to have a feedback on this aspect so that I can try an

PraNAms to all advaitins and Devotees of Mother Goddess.

Prof. V. Krishnamurthy
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