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Swami Vidyaranya says in his famous work jIvanmuktiviveka that
BrahmaGYAna and jIvanmukti are not synonymous terms, since the latter
requires vAsanAkshaya whereas the former does not. This is very similar
to the teachings of the VC. Therefore, between the times of Adi
Shankara and Vidyaranya, vAsanAkshaya has become an extremely important
element in advaita VedAnta.

>  praNAm Sri Karthik prabhuji
>  Hare Krishna

>  As far as my limited knowledge goes, Sri Vidyaranya's paNchadashi based
on paNchapAdika vivaraNa school.  As far as mukti/mOkSha is concerned
Shankara quite clearly endorses the state of sadyO mukti. In sUtra
bhAshya-1-1-4 shankara clearly says the jnAni who knows the Atman that is
embodied even while he is in the bodies, changeless among the changeful
bodies. For that matter,  Shrutis also says that mOksha accrues
*immediately* after the dawn of knowledge of brahman.  Prabhuji, I donot
know what is the difference between brahmajnAna & jivAnmukti.  If
jivanmukti is not subscribed it will be impossible to find out brahma jnAna

If Shankarananda says to the efect that vAsanAkshaya is required for a
GYAnI, then I feel we have a pretty good case for the authorship of the
VC going to Shankarananda. Has anyone taken the Swamiji's analysis to
their logical conclusion? Does anyone know where one can obtain a copy
of the GItA Tatparya Bodhini or any other works of that author?

>  Swamiji gives us an elaborated  list of comparative slokas from GTB & VC
with verse nos. etc. in VC.  But unfortunately he has not given the GTB's
publication details in that. Prabhuji kindly give me sometime I'll come
back to you after discussing this with karyalaya authorities.

> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!
>  bhaskar

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