[Advaita-l] Re: Vivekachudamani vs Bhashyas

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Tue Aug 5 23:24:36 CDT 2003

As far as the quoted verses of VC are concerned, the question is not about
the existence or otherwise of Sruti in the state of enlightenment. Rather,
it is purely functional, being about the use of scripture for jnAnI vs.

> praNAms prabhuji,
>  Hare krishna

>  Yes, prabhuji I agree with you. I think, author of VC may be talking
about the intellectual acquisition of shAstra jnAna ( ShuShka pAnditya)
without any goal of ultimate realisation in mind.  In the very previous
verse-58 it is said that : vAgvaikharI ShabdhaJharI ShAstra vyAkhyAna
kauShalaM! vaiduShyam viduShAm tatvadbhuktayE na tu muktayE!!  This verse
helps us to understand the contextual meaning of the verse-59.

After all, these VC verses say that brahmajnAna is the only medicine for
those suffering from ignorance and it is a fundamental given that this is
the upanishadic jnAna as imparted by the guru.

>  But what swamiji  raising objection against VC here is *this brahmajnAna
happens only in nirvikalpa samAdhi* which is obviously not in line with
Shankara bhagavad pAda's PT purports.  If we check the Verse-339, it is
evident that author of VC holding *nirvikalpa samAdhi* very close to his

Whether or not the author of VC is Sankara is a different question. I, for
one, do not think that this can be decided by deducing the attitude of the
text towards scripture.

>  Swamiji has given more than one reason to justify his claims as regards
to authorship of VC prabhuji.  As swamiji himself says further digging in
this issue by historians is very much required before determining
authorship of these grantha-s.

>  Humble praNAms onceagain prabhuji
>  Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
>  bhaskar

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