[Advaita-l] Vedas versus Knowledge

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Mon Aug 4 23:54:20 CDT 2003

By studying the Vedas one gets to acquire knowledge but neither
these knowers nor the Vedas themselves know the Reality.
Even then, it is the Vedas which point to that Reality for the
knower of the Vedas to become the knower of brahman. The Vedas
cannot make you the knower of brahman.

 >  praNAm Sri Prof.VK prabhuji
 >  Hare krishna
 >  I humbly beg to differ this view prabhuji.  Shankara clearly says in
sUtra bhAshya that a uttamAdhikAri can realise his swarUpa by merely
hearing (shravaNa) the shruti mahAvAkyas.  If this is the case,  vEdas are
considered as the direct means of knowledge.  If truth/reality not
enshrined in shrutis what other means is there to realise it??  It is
agreed that brahman is the source, the cause of the ShAstra which illumines
all things like a big illumined bulb.  Though self-knowledge is vastu
tantra & its not an adventitous thing, shrutis help us to the great extent
to wipe off the distinctions superimposed on brahman by anAdi avidyA. It is
also clear that vEdAs donot teach brahman as such & such an object, but it
teaches brahman as no object at all since brahman is the sarva pramAna,
pramEya vyavaharAtIta true self. This knowledge we can gain only through
shrutis nothing else. So, it is true that vedas cannot make us brahman but
at the same time, it is the only means to establish ourselves in
indriyAtIta jnAna.   Kindly correct me if my understanding is wrong.

 Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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