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> (a)  Identification of kAraNa sharira with mAyA shakti:  Apart from stula &
> sUkShma sharirA-s VC admits avyaktA kAraNa sharira (verse 119-120)  in
> sushupti & has AvaraNa & vikShepa shakti (110-112).  This is not strictly
> in line with purports of PT bhAShya.
> (b)  After realising jagatkAraNa sat-chit-ananda brahman through shruti
> mahA vAkya shravaNa of tattvamasi etc. realised soul has to do vAsanA tyAga
> etc. is very near to mandana mishra's brahma siddhi purports which is
> evidently absent in shankara's PT bhAshya.
> (c) *brahma satya - jagan mithya* which has been clearly established in
> shankara's avasthAtraya prakriya is not at all found place in VC.  Instead,
> in one place VC says (Verse No.232) in sushupti there is no world as such,
> but in another place (verse No.120) it accepts existence of kAraNa sharira
> with avaraNAdi shakti is not only self-contradictory but also harmful to
> prapancha mithyatva vAda.
> (d)  VC advocates vidEha, punarjanma rahita mukti after attaining
> nirvikalpa samAdhi, but shankara's stand is one can realise his true nature
> in this janma itself i.e. sadyO mukti.

Thankyou to use and Stig for providing information on this topic.  Today
I'm going to go to the library and I shall look at
Vedantaprakriyapratyabhijna and also Shringeri Acharyas tika on VC to see
what light it can shed.

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