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Hari Om !!

--- nanda chandran <vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> > > example like many of this
> > > list I too initially thought that according to
> > > Advaita the “knower” is the
> > > Atman – but such an understanding is negated for
> a
> > > higher understanding in
> > > the Upadesha Saahasri.
> >
> >Would you please clarify on this. What is negated
> and
> >what is proven to be the 'knower'. Would you please
> >give me reference to particular verses of upadEsa
> >SAhasrI which talk about the 'knower'.
> Check the chapter called "tat tvam asi".
> In a previous post some months back I've actually
> provided the whole set of
> quotes regarding this issue.
> >I am currently
> >thinking on this point, and need help.
> But first tell us what you're thinking with regards
> this issue. Let us hear
> your ideas first.

Based on the ultimate Truth of Advaita, the Knower,
Known, and Knowledge are the same 'Brahman/Atman'.

>From a simpleton's 'perception', there seem to be
three different 'entities', so to say, Knower, Known,

The 'Object of Knowledge' being insentient can not be
the 'Knower'. On a similar argument, 'EGO' which is a
'thought object' can not be the 'Knower'. Also, during
deep sleep 'EGO' is absent and still when we get up,
we say. 'I knew nothing'. So, 'EGO' is not the
'Knower'. So, it should be the 'consciousness', Atman
which should be the 'Knower', being the only
'intelligent' 'entity' left out.

But, 'Atman' being 'non-dual' what is there for it to
'Know' ? Whom should it say 'I know' ? So, it can not
be Atman either. But, we still say, 'I know'. So,
there must be an 'entity' which claims this agency of
knowing which is called 'jIva'. jIva is akin to the
serpant on the rope, which exists on mis-apprehension
and dissolves on correct knowledge of the rope.

So, 'Knowledge' exists while there is
'mis-apprehension' and even the 'Knowledge of
SOMETHING' disappears on knowing that 'I' simply 'am'.

In summary, while in delusion, the snake aking jIva is
the 'Knower' which itself is mithyA.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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