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nanda chandran vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Sep 30 09:21:26 CDT 2002

> > example like many of this
> > list I too initially thought that according to
> > Advaita the “knower” is the
> > Atman – but such an understanding is negated for a
> > higher understanding in
> > the Upadesha Saahasri.
>Would you please clarify on this. What is negated and
>what is proven to be the 'knower'. Would you please
>give me reference to particular verses of upadEsa
>SAhasrI which talk about the 'knower'.

Check the chapter called "tat tvam asi".

In a previous post some months back I've actually provided the whole set of
quotes regarding this issue.

>I am currently
>thinking on this point, and need help.

But first tell us what you're thinking with regards this issue. Let us hear
your ideas first.

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