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>Hari Om !!
>Would you please elaborate on 'vyAhritis'.
>Om Namo Narayanaya !!


Here is something that I found on the internet:


21. How Vedas and three Lokas are related to each other?

Once PRAJAPATI performed SAMYAMA (three phased yogic meditation) on the
nature of the Universe and found that

i) The essence of the physical world BHUR was AGNI and the essence of AGNI

ii) The essence of astral world BHUVAH was VAYU and the essence of vayu was

iii) The essence of the lower heaven of the mental world was ADITYA and the
essence of ADITYA was SAMA VEDA,

iv) The essence of Rig Veda was BHUR, and that of YAJUR VEDA was BHUVAH and
that of SAMA VEDA was SVAH

vyAhritis seem to represent the quintessence of a particular branch of
learning. Maharishi Vishwamitra had to meditate for a long time to
understand the meaning of the seven vyAhritis. He expanded the first
three into the sAvitrI mantra in the gAyatrI chanda.

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