Upadesha Sahasri -1

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Original From Skt Site:

atha mokshasaadhana upadesha vidhiM vyaakhyaasyaamo mumuxuuNaaM
shraddadhaanaanaam arthinaam arthaaya .. 1..

Ken's Translation:

1.      We shall now explain a method of teaching the means
to liberation for the benefit of those aspirants who
deeply desire liberation, who have asked for this
teaching and are possessed of faith (in it).


I think we should go on this text slowly verse by verse discussing more
on it. That way we can extract more out of it.  Text begins here with
"adhikAri laxaNam" or who qualifies to study the text. If one does not
meet these requirements, then the benefit of the study is going to be
less or even contrary. Latter is possible because of our infallible
ability to draw wrong conclusions based on biases and partial

Requirement 1: should be a mumuxu
Requirement 2: should have shraddha
Requirement 3: should be imparted to only those who seek it

What is shraddha?

shaastrasya guruvaakyasya satyabud.hdhyavadhaaraNam.h .
saa shraddhaa kathitaa sad.hbhiryayaa vastuupalabhyate .. 25..

May be we should spend more time discuss more on these useful matters.
Constructive comments and additions are more than welcome.


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