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Sat Sep 21 07:09:46 CDT 2002

My list friends: Though I had requested to be removed from this list, it
would seem I must not have presented my request properly.  Yet since
there are no "accidents" in life, at least as I understand it, I'll take
this unexpected opportunity to make one, more comment and request.

I originally joined this list several weeks, ago, in the hopes of
finding others who, like myself, had lived all aspects of yoga-Vedanta
for many years ... AND were willing to share their experiences with each
other as a mutual (if illusory) aid on this most solitary of all

Sadly, I found something much different.

Since it soon became patently obvious that those who regularly
responded, here, had virtually no idea what actually LIVING this pathway
entailed, I quickly withdrew from the list.  This was because to remain
here would have been a waste of valuable (if illusory) time and -- worse
-- would have meant keeping myself in wrong company (asatsang) each day.

Still, as the daily digests continued to arrive, it struck me that
perhaps there might be a good reason.  Could it mean there are some (or
many!) far more wise than I who stayed with the list but, unlike myself,
simply read the postings yet knew enough to keep silent as they chuckled
(as Wise Ones invariably do) -- could it be?

For myself, after some 30 years on this ancient-most pathway, I frankly
reveal that I have run into some questions I had hoped to discuss (which
is why I joined this group, in the first place) ... and would STILL like
to discuss them.  But now only privately; this list, with its daily
contentiousness and disputation, is obviously not the right place to do

So if you, like me, have also walked this long and rocky road, and have
similarly bumped your nose into low-hanging branches on occasion, I
invite you to contact me at either office at or
michaelblate at .  I'd be pleased to correspond with you in
private ... after a suitable introduction.

Those who know everything need not reply.  I get sunburned too easily.

And if possible, please do unsubscribe me with this posting.  I wish you
each wellness and Wisdom -- namasté ... Michael Blate

Michael Blate
Executive Director

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