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>Again, not quite. The chapter is called avagati-prakaraNa. avagati
>means "guessing, anticipating, conceiving." The teacher anticipates the
>doubts of the disciple and answers them; the disciple raises more doubts
>and the teacher replies and so on.
>At the end, the disciple arrives at a conclusion about the eternal nature
>of the kUTastha and about the nature of the waking and dreaming states.
>This is based on intellectual reasoning, subject to the operation of the
>buddhi. The teacher says that through this reasoning the disciple has now
>become free from the sorrows of the waking and dreaming states. It is not
>yet fully extolled as the final liberation.

As per the Ramakrishna Mission translation I have :

In the stanza 109 of the Upadesha Saahasri the student after having
clarified all his doubts gives a basic exposition of the fundamental tenets
of Advaita – the unreality of the non-self and the reality of the ever
existing self and declares the non-dual Self to be pure consciousness –
immutable and eternal. And finally concludes : “there’s nothing else except
myself and the aim of my life is fulfilled by your grace”.

The teacher responds in the stanza 110 : “It is exactly so. It is ignorance
due to which the transmigratory existence consisting of waking and dream is
experienced. It is knowledge which brings this ignorance to an end. You have
thus attained fearlessness. You will never again feel pain in waking or in
dream. You are liberated from the misery of this transmigratory experience”.

The final stanza of the prose section -111 – Disciple : “Yes, sir”.

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shree guruByO namaH |

I came to know recently about the "Shatabdi Mani Mantapam"
that is being constructed for  His Holiness Sri Sri Sri
Chandrasekharendra Saraswati  Swamigal – “MahA PeriyavAl”,
in Orirukkai Village near  KAnchIpuram on the northern
bank of the River pAlAr, TamilNadu.

 The shatabdi Mani Mantapam  is being raised as homage to
our Acharya, who headed the Matam (Mutt) for 87 years and
attained siddhi on January 8, 1994. The construction has
already started and is going on at a brisk pace in the 7.5 acre
site.  The Mantapam is aimed to be an all-granite marvel in
sculpture , providing a visual running commentary on the
times and achievements of our venerable Maha Periyava.
Many important events in the long life of the Periyava to
be thus depicted in this Mani Mantapam will naturally be a
lively presentation of the multifaceted personality of His
Holiness and also a chronicle of His manifold activities and
achievements almost non-stop , for 87 years in the cause of
Sanatana Dharma and world peace.  The sacred Padukas of
Sri Maha Periyava will be enshrined in the Mani Mantapam also.

 Two months ago, I had an opportunity to attend upanayanam
of my friend's grandson in Kanchipuram. I came to know about
the project a year ago through this friend. After the
upanayanam got over, he took us all to the Mani Mantapam
construction spot, which is 5 Kms away from Kanchipuram.
Along with my friend,  a few trust members of this Mantapam
Project also had come and let us know a few interesting events
about the project. Here are these.

Padmashree S.M.Ganapathi Sthapathi has undertaken the
construction and is rendering service for free.
One day, a few devotees (who are the trust members now)
sitting around Acharya, were asking Him permission to build
such a  Mantapam for Him. Acharya remaining silent, did
not seem to answer at all for a while. Shri Ganapathi Sthapathi,
who was also present there, noticing a small dot of Kumkum
from Acharya's forehead falling  down, decided to go ahead
as it was very much Ambal's "go-ahead". We were as well
told that His Holiness used to go to the present Mantapam
spot quite often on the banks of pAlar for its serenity. There
are sculptors from all over Tamil Nadu and other places and
have been given accommodation and other facilities on-site.
The sculptors were showing us a few finished
granite pillars with artistic works and other finished sculptures.
The  place is just a few miles from Kanchipuram with direction
boards throughout the road, leading everyone easily to
the Mantapam construction site.

 Sri Sri Sri Mahalakshmi MAthrubUtheshwarar Trust (Regt.)
functioning from

 Sivam – Subham
 Old No.11, New No.12,
 First Main Road,
 Kotturpuram, Chennai – 600 085.
 Phone: 91-44-4474113

  run by a few ardent devotees of HH, is taking care of
all aspects of the project. The Trust, named after His Holiness'
mother, Smt. Mahalakshmi, was formed in 1989 and aims at
promoting the ideals of HH — the conducting of Vedic studies in
Patasalas, the protection of cows in Goshalas and the propagation
of Tamil hymns such as the Thevaram, Thiruvachagam, Thirumarai,
Thiruvoymozhi and bhajans in other  Indian languages.
Heading the list of Trustees is Padmashri T.H. "Vikku" Vinayakaram
(Ghatam Artist).

 Other Trustees are.
(1) M.Subharaman, Retd.Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Bombay.
(2) V.Ramaratnam,
(3) K.Vedamurthy, LIC of India(Retd.)
(4) N.Subramanian,
(5) T.H.Subhash Chandran, Ghatam Artist.
(6) V.Murali("Kalki").
(7) K.R.Athmanathan(Secretary to Bharat Ratna Smt M.S.Subbulakshmi).

 I had the opportunity to meet Shri Athmanathan and Shri Vedamurthy at Sivam - Subam in Chennai.

  The project is estimated to cross the figure of ten crore rupees.
I've the printed-information on the project from the trust, I can
mail/fax to  all who are interested and who live in the USA.
Bearing in mind the magnitude of this project, the unique greatness
of Maha Periyava and the sanctity of the cost, please consider coming
to assist the trust in as much in a big way as possible, please also
help as and when possible for you.  Those who are willing to make
a monthly contribution until the  project is complete are welcome
to make a start straight away. As there is a significant cost
involved in processing cheques sent from abroad, people who are in
the USA, kindly let me know to know more about alternate arrangements.

 Please visit http://www.jayajayasankara.org to know more about the
project online.

 The trust is eager to have the willing participation of as many
devotees of His Holiness in this marathon project as possible and
hence the trust also appeals to you to spread this message.

shree guruByO namaH

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