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On Sun, 15 Sep 2002, Swaminarayan T wrote:

> >From the beginning itself in the preliminary verses Shankara tells us
> >about the several Sruti passages that the teacher should enquire of the
> >desciple as to whether he is familiar with.In my opinion, we should
> >print out the relevent Scriptural verses referred to by Shankara in
> >full and at the same time give out the word by word meaning also for
> >those who are interested to know and learn these verses.

I think this is a good idea and if you'll take the initiative to write
this up, we can put it up on our web site.

Bear in mind though Shankaracharya is giving examples of relevant quotes,
he is not saying this is a fixed program of instruction or that they are
the only important quotes.  Indeed he believes all the shastras have only
Advaita Vedanta as their ultimate purport.

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