Final comments

yogafarm yogafarm at
Sat Sep 14 13:42:21 CDT 2002

Namasté, my new friends -- I have enjoyed both the writing and reading
of some of the comments concerning advaita, advaita Vedanta,
yoga-Vedanta and the rest.  Unfortunately, lack of time for writing --
as well as for reading the postings -- must cause me to depart the

But sadly, too, the hostile nature of many of the postings makes
receiving more of the digests akin to asatsang ... something I would
have never imagined from such a group of spiritual questors who claim to
follow a pathway so closely aligned with my own.

The past week, or so, has been a most interesting and enlightening
experience; and for that I thank you deeply.  I wish you well --
namasté ... Michael Blate

Michael Blate
Executive Director

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