Samadhi and deep sleep. (was earlier Advaita Digest)

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--- Stig Lundgren <slu at CHELLO.SE> wrote:

Namaste Stigji & Others,

That was a logically correct mail in response to
Blateji. However though I may differ from the purely
advaitic standpoint regarding samadhi and deep sleep I
would like to point out that you come out of deep
sleep totally ignorant but after experiencing samadhi
one comes out with an idea of the self but you cannot
describe it as the self is indescribable. Both are
totally different experiences I think.

When one stays in samadhi for more than 21 days (many
would differ here I am sure) the body falls off and
one merges in the self. Would Sri Shankaracharya call
*that* moksha?

How would Sri Shankaracharya react to the other types
of moksha Salokya (going to the abode of the Lord) and
Samipya (Proximity to the Lord) as described in the

I have never read of Sri Shankaracharya expressing the
desire of coming back to the mortal fold, though many
claim they are avataras of Sri Shankaracharya. How
would Sri Shankaracharya react to this?

Was moksha the immediate aim of Sri Shankaracharya? (I
think this is related to the earlier paragraph).

Besides his crusade against a degenerating Buddhism
and the revival of Hinduism did Sri Shankaracharya
have any other aim in his mind? (I do not mean a
hidden agenda!)


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