The mind according to Sri Shankaracharya.

Kiran B R kiranbr at ROCKETMAIL.COM
Wed Sep 11 11:03:38 CDT 2002

>I do not have any FUNDAMENTAL doubts like what a
>brahmavid is . Please read your definition of what is
>a brahmavid.
>Do not put new words in my mouth that I said
>'mANDUkyA' is unscientific. Do not irritate me, by
>joining me in your group. I do not belong to your
>group of FUNDAMENTAL DOUBTS men. Do not call me your
>friend in your group.

Well, you were the one who said don't search for a scientific answer,
search in the 'mANDUkyA' and 'bhAshya' instead! What does that mean?

And by the way, I didn't call you a friend in any group, my friend! I don't
call someone a friend because he/she subscribes to my viewpoint! A friend
is a friend for no reason!

>You must keep silence until your brain starts working.

Silence comes when the brain *stops* working!

>It is easy to get oil out of sand, it is easy to
>search for a hare's horn, but one can not convince a
>FOOL. You must read and understand Bhartruhari
>Subhashita, so you know how well a person who
>questions like you, compares to a FOOL.

I don't need to read any Subhashita to conclude that a person questioning
like me compares to a FOOL! I never claimed to be a learned person! I came
to this list *because* I am a FOOL! It is a FOOL who asks questions. Not a
learned person!

>Spare me from your instinct to question the
>definitions of an established subjects.

Why? Where does it hurt?!

> You write your
>own definitions in a book of your own and read for
>yourself. I am not here to learn your definitions.

Don't learn my definitions! Who asked you to learn my definitions?! If an
idiot says 2+2=5, why do you go ahead and 'learn' that 2+2=5? Why are you
scared of even clearing his doubts? Why are you scared of asking yourself
whether 2+2=5 or not?! Why? Have you forgotten the answer? Or did you
always assume that 2+2 is something else because someone told you?

>Om Namo Narayanaya !!

aShOchyAnanvashOchasthvam prajnAvAdAnscha bhAshasE!


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