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Hari Om !!

--- Kiran B R <kiranbr at ROCKETMAIL.COM> wrote:
> It is surely a fundamental mistake if you're not
> ready to question the
> fundament. But I like the mistake which empowers a
> seeker with the ability
> to move every atom in the universe at will. And if
> this ability is to be
> achieved by an X-vidyA other than brahmavidyA, I'd
> call X-vidyA as
> braHmavidyA and braHmavidyA as vidyA.

> >If you need more, scientific answer, you can
> continue
> >to waste your life time, pursuing further.
> >
> >You will save yourself a lot of trouble, if you
> read
> >mANDUkya and bhAshya and listen to it from a true
> >advaitic teacher and scholer.
> >
> Don't call the mANDukya and bhAshya unscientific, my
> friend!! And don't
> call others' methods as intrinsically troublesome
> either, my friend!! They
> are intrinsically troublesome to you, from your seat
> on your fundament.

I do not have any FUNDAMENTAL doubts like what a
brahmavid is . Please read your definition of what is
a brahmavid.

Do not put new words in my mouth that I said
'mANDUkyA' is unscientific. Do not irritate me, by
joining me in your group. I do not belong to your
group of FUNDAMENTAL DOUBTS men. Do not call me your
friend in your group.

You must keep silence until your brain starts working.
It is easy to get oil out of sand, it is easy to
search for a hare's horn, but one can not convince a
FOOL. You must read and understand Bhartruhari
Subhashita, so you know how well a person who
questions like you, compares to a FOOL.

Spare me from your instinct to question the
definitions of an established subjects. You write your
own definitions in a book of your own and read for
yourself. I am not here to learn your definitions.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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