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> Please note that this subject matter is clearly out of the scope for
> this list. We are not concerned with this issue, which mixes some
> partial facts with some nasty shaiva-vaishhNava wranglings of TN and
> contorts the issues.

Sorry for taking the topic out of scope. However, I enjoyed reading Vidya's
mail on the presence of a sanyAsi in a divya kshetra such as puri. Thanks
for that. At this point, I wish to ask if any acharya in the advaita
sampradaya (pre and post sankaran) has enunciated rules for temple worship?
Usually a 'nitya grantham' or a raksha grantham should be a very important
sookthi in a sampradyam. Any information on this will be greatly


Malolan Cadambi

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