The mind according to Sri Shankaracharya.

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Hari Om !!

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> pass. Of course, such powers should not be expected
> in
> non-braHmajnAnis.

Why ????

This is your fundamental mistake, based on which you
have been taking people in circles. I do not know why
others are not objecting to this line of thinking.

As it was explained by Bhagavan Ramana and other
traditional sources, the ability to gain supernatural
powers has no connection to brahmajnanitvam. The
siddhis can be obtained independent of
brahmajnanitvam. Whether a brahmajnani will
necessarily have siddhis or not is a separate
question, to which the answer is 'not necessarily'.

> capability of the human mind to detach itself from
> material objects does not prove the unreality of the
> world. That is, it does not prove that the world is
> "unreal". Doing so is like closing one's eyes and
> exclaiming that there is no light.

Here the word unreal should not be construed as
'non-existant'. If it were so we should have used it
as non-existant' like a hare's horn. Here, the word
'unreal' means it is not in a similar level as Atma
which is Desa-Kala-vastu aparicheda. The mind itself
is un-real. The mind changes continuously, and also it
is not the same in two similar situations etc. This is
the unreality. First of all Mind itself is 'mAyA'. In
the Yoga Vasishta the Mind itself is negated. When
Lord Rama asks a similar question, Sage Vasishta
replies, what is MIND ??????

> 2. If it is true that the mind is the reason for all
> the objects of sense in a sense other than described
> above, then there must be an explanation for the
> unerring regularity in Nature. If I want to freeze
> water by boiling and someone else wants to convert
> the
> same into molten gold, both cannot be true at the
> same
> time. As far as I know, there is no mention in any
> of
> Sri Shankara's works as to why ALL the different
> minds
> conjure up objects following the same laws of
> physics.

While it is difficult to give you an answer by boiling
water, it is explained in Yoga Vasishta that it is
'Kaka-Taliya'. i.e when a kAka a was sitting under a
tAla tree, its fruit fell and the kAka died. We can
not assign a cause and effect relationship here. It is
just accidental. This is what sage vasisHta explained
to Rama.

Swami Sivananda in a lecture explained in the
following way: why is there only one Sun  to everyone
in the dream ? and similarly, in the waking state all
the apparent events are 'alike'.

If you need more, scientific answer, you can continue
to waste your life time, pursuing further.

You will save yourself a lot of trouble, if you read
mANDUkya and bhAshya and listen to it from a true
advaitic teacher and scholer.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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