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> > This is an extrapolation backward from Chola times. If that were
> not the
> > case, then the loud silence about Siva in Classical Tamil lit (in
> contrast
> > to full throated praises of Murugan and Krishna) needs to be
> explained.

Please note that this subject matter is clearly out of the scope for
this list. We are not concerned with this issue, which mixes some
partial facts with some nasty shaiva-vaishhNava wranglings of TN and
contorts the issues.

List scope has been made abundandly made clear many times. It not a
concern for us when and where in Tamil literature certain things are
mentioned. Or when and where some temples where built. This list is
smArta-list and our religion is based on veda-s.

Whenever a thread goes out scope, I request the members to stop
participating. We have this peculiar history of taking every thread
slowly out its scope and make a nasty mess out of it. Sometimes, I
wonder that this list should be fully moderated.



ambaaL daasan


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