Summary (of "Question", "braHmavid=Krishna?" series of mails)

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A note to the ADMIN: If the braHmavid=Krishna? mails
are causing some kind of problem or if they are
considered as driven by "ulterior motives", I welcome
you to remove me from the list. These mails are aimed
at discussing the very basics of Advaita as taught by
none other than Sri Adi Shankara himself.

> The problem is that the "standard" of comparison of
> the waking and dream states is now the waking state.
> The laws of physics in the waking state are as
> illusory in the dream state as the "dream laws" are
> in
> the waking state.

No. There is no "standard" of comparison I am
assuming. If the dream and the waking states are
equally illusory, why don't you talk about the waking
state? If it is indeed the mind which creates
everything, why can't water freeze on boiling (in the
waking state?).

> The world itself is conjured up by the mind!

That's a very beautiful statement, but that is exactly
what I'm asking you to prove! Conjure water freezing
on boiling, and then show me that your mind can indeed
make it happen in the waking state. And then make the
above statement. Not before that.

> To say that an illusory object cannot be conjured up
> in the illusory world is like saying that the author
> of a certain novel could not possibly have created a
> character in the book that can fly.

Who said it cannot be conjured up? It can definitely
be conjured up. Your mind can conjure that you're the
Prime Minister of India. But what I'm saying is -
conjuring up something in the mind does not
necessarily make that thing happen in the world.
Conjuring up in your mind that you're the Prime
Minister of India does not make you that. There are
other things you need to do to become that.


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