Dream and waking states

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--- Vidyasankar <vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> >(Even in the down-to-earth sense, I don't
> understand
> >why you call the dream-state is something under
> >personal control. I don't know about others, but I
> >can't dream what I want to dream always!)
> The down-to-earth sense is (or should be) anathema
> when we talk
> philosophy. Let us move on to specific and technical
> senses, shall we?
> Ask yourself, who is it that "wants" to dream
> something? Who is it that
> "can't" dream the same thing?

a) my mind.
b) my mind.

> If you have an answer to both questions, let us
> know. And also clarify
> whether your answer to both questions is the same or
> not.

I think it's easy to compare the two answers.

> Finally, think about this - who creates your dream?
> - and let us know how
> the answer to this question compares with the answer
> to the previous two.

c) my mind.

I think it's easy, once again, to compare the three

> Vidyasankar

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