Lakshmi Narayana Temple Pratishta

Lakshmi Srinivas lsrinivas at YAHOO.COM
Tue Sep 10 00:23:59 CDT 2002

Dear Sri Venkat,

ParipADal does not have a single verse in praise of Siva. It has verses in
praise of Murugan and Vishnu. In each case, the respective temples
paraGkunRam and iruGkunRam (azhakar koil) have been made the focus as the
Lord's abode.

Siva is found in the oldest literature but not reference to a temple to
him. The rest of your post is speculative but it would help if a Siva
temple turns up.

PuRa. 166 is a strong example of the kind of locus I am talking about. A
sacrificing Brahmin who is an ardent Saiva. PuRa. 91 talks of nIlakanTha
but not of a temple to him. Btw, even Sri UVS does not refer to any known
Siva temples from the times of the earliest literature. Kindly refer to his
writings on the subject. He ought to be a considered an unimpeachable
source for various reasons incl the fact that he was an ardent Saiva.

Hope this helps,

Lakshmi Srinivas

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