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On Mon, 9 Sep 2002, Kiran B R wrote:

> Dear Jaldhar,
> I had asked you sometime back if "the waking state is
> not enough for you?" in reply to your suggestion that
> I should dream that I can freeze water by boiling
> ("Isn't a dream enough for you? If not, why not?").
> Perhaps this issue has escaped your attention.

Yes it did, I'm so sorry.

Anyway the reason I asked is to illustrate the relationship of the
Brahmavid to Maya.  You assert that he should be able to control it.  Is
there any reason to suppose the waking state is less Maya than the dream

In both there is a subject-object relationship.
In both there is a superimposition of the unreal upon the real.
In both there is impermanence.

The difference is the world of the waking state is caused by God and is
shared amongst all the jivas while the world of the  dream state, is
caused by individual jivas and is known to themselves only.

The Brahmavid sees no difference between God, other selves and himself so
from his point of view these differences in state are not relevant.  So if
he wants to run 100m in 2 seconds or freeze boiling water the dream state
is as good a place as any.

In fact perhaps we can define the dream state as that portion of Maya
which is under personal control and the waking state as that which is
outside our control.

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