Lakshmi Narayana Temple Pratishta

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Appar Swami being contemporaneous to the Pallava doesn't mean that
the temples that Appar sang in his hymns didn't exist prior to that.
Does it?
thirunIlakaNTa  naayanaar pre-dated Appar swami. He is said to
be a devotee of Lord chidambarESa at Chidambaram.
In Sambandar's hymns and others, there are definitely references to
some sthala purANa associated with the temple that he and others sang.
It they are mentioning some sthala purANa in their song it can only
mean that the temples existed much before they visited the temple.
Agasthya muni who predated all known personalities we can think of
was supposed to have worshipped Shiva in a temple in Tamilnadu when
Shiva and Parvati kalyANam was taking place in Kailas.


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Appar Swami is held to be contemporanoeus with Mahendra Pallava. Campantar
is not said to pre date him.

Mahendra Pallava has had some inscriptions carved which show that he was
not only an ardent Saiva but also a very knowledgeable one. (Cf R
Nagaswamy's Sivabhakti). Most early Siva temples seem to date from around
his time. In the Chola area around the same time, a Kocengkanan is said to
have built 70 temples for Siva. In addition he built some Vishnu temples.
Hence Tirumangaiyazvar while visiting a Vishnu temple that he built
celebrates him as 'one who built 70 beautiful multistoried temples for the
8 armed Isvara'. The Pandya area, the cultural center of Tamil land, has
hardly any Siva temples of antiquity. So much incidentally for all that
stuff about Siva as the giver of Tamil grammar.

More importantly, the early Tamil poems (Ten Songs and Eight Anthologies)
as well as the Paripatal etc do not refer to any Saiva temples which we
know from Appar Swami's hymns. Nor are there any inscriptions which
indicate the presence of such temples.

This may not be conclusive evidence as new research may turn up some
temples to Siva.

Hope this helps,

Lakshmi Srinivas

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