Lakshmi Narayana Temple Pratishta

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If I am not wrong thirunaavukkarasar (appar), thirugnaanasambandar
lived before Mahendra Pallava period (probably even before Shankara).
They have sung several tamizh hymns at various Shiva temples (pretty
much any big Shiva temple that you see standing today in TamilNadu
were sung by these two savants around 600 AD. This is an evidence 
that Tamil country had Shiva temples prior to that Pallava king.
Please correct me if I got the facts wrong.


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Sri Malolan's answer is of course purely speculative and perhaps not very

Perhaps Ms Vidya will comment on what she means by 'inside Kamakshi Amman
Temple'. Does she mean that Kamakshi Amman was the resident deity at this
premises at all times? Can she comment on the history of this deity at this

Considering there is hardly any historic attestation to this temple in old
Tamil sources, the question becomes relevant. I am at this point ignoring
Sankarite tradition as not falling under the realm of hard evidence.

Secondly, perhaps Ms Vidya will talk of the agama followed in the Kamakshi
Amman temple.

I do not want even to take the case of Ekamreswara Temple as I have shown
elsewhere that there is hardly any record of Siva Temples in the Tamil
country prior to Mahendra Pallava. Interested people may refer to the
archives of Yahoogroup CTAMIL.

Looking forward,

Lakshmi Srinivas

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