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>In this context it would be interesting to note that tirunilattingal tundam, and kalvanoor two of the 108 mangalashasana stalas is located right inside the Kanchi >Ekamreshwara temple and the Kamakshi temple respectively.I understand that the vaikhAnasa and the Pancaratra tradition are not followed here.

>What then is the protocol followed here?


Must be an extension of the Shaiva Agamas and the Agamas followed by Amman Temple. I guess narAyana would be treated as a minor diety and not param. For example, there is a vigraha of Maheshwara in Ahobilam in honor of composing the Mantarajapada Stotram on Narasimha. Maheshwara is treated as a baddha jIvatma and a great votary of the lord in Sri Vaishnva tradition. I guess the same protocol which would include narayana as a votary of Maheshwara or Kamakshi amman would be followed in the temples you mentioned.


P.S It will take sometime for me to track the exact verse in Taiitiriya Aranyakam(correction on the last post where i said Taiitiriya Upanishad) which refers to the Pancharatra as a vedic sect. Jaldhar also found some references in the Shatapatha Brahmana of the Shukla Yajur Veda. There are lots of references in the Mahabharata Shanti Parva on Pancharatra and pashupata agamas.
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