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>--- nanda chandran <vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
>> Is your intention to really find an answer to your
>> question or to prove that
>> you've a question that nobody can answer? If it is
>> the latter no answer
>> anybody gives is going to satisfy you - if it is the
>> former you've to take
>> greater pains to understand.
>It is the former.

If it is the former, then you should ask a Jivanmukta himself/herself. In
answer to your query, one of the siddhis is the ability to appear anywhere
at any time in any form. A Jivanmukta can stand at the starting line of
your 100 m race and appear in an instant, what to talk of 2 sec, at the
finish line. What's more, you will see him at the starting line and at the
finish line - two of them! Would that be satisfactory? Maybe to you but the
point is still being missed. To the Jivanmukta, his/her body, the starting
line, the 100 m and the finish line, and indeed everything else, is just
HIM/HER. To HIM/HER, there is no distinction. It is to you and me, who are
deluded by avidyA that a jivanmukta seems embodied and limited by his/her
body and or senses. He/She is FREE having KNOWN that it is not as if the
world is not there, it is there but its svarupa is not what you and I see;
its svarupa is Brahman.


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