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On Sun, 1 Sep 2002, Malolan R Cadambi wrote:

> Sri Vaishnavas follow either of the two Agamas namely Pancharatra or
> Vaikhanasa. Smartas usually follow the agamas as established by Adi
> Shankara. Shankara does not favour the pancharatra or vaikhanasa
> system of worship since it was incompatible with the advaita
> tradition.
Based on the Brahmasutrabhashya, I would like to clarify that
Shankaracharya was opposed to the philosophical aspects of the Bhagavatas'
thought not the ritual or devotional aspects.

Also there are no Smarta Agamas.  On the level of public worship, there is
no problem with following the Agamas of Shaivas, Shaktas, Vaishnavas,
Ganapatyas, or Sauryas.  The Kanchi Matha has been active in preserving
the Agamic traditions.

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