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Namaste Kiran

I have been following most of your arguments and the thread. I grew up
studying the works of Swami Vivekananda just like your good self. Since you
mentioned that you are a newcomer to Advaita Vedanta, may I suggest that you
visit this wonderful site which features the works of Swami Dayananda
Saraswati (of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam) to understand hows/whats/whys of
Vedanta. I am a newcomer to also and I have immensely benefitted from the
articles in that website.

To start with may I suggest that you read this page about the fundamental
Human problem which is removed by Vedanta alone :

After which you may choose to explore the entire info found in the home

Thank you and I pray that you find the answers you are seeking. Best

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> namaste Aniruddhan and group,
> First of all, a note to the list-administrator: Kindly
> modify my list-membership so that I don't receive list
> emails, but can read them on the website and make
> postings. I find that more convenient.
> I believe that Swami Vivekananda is a 100% Advaitin.
> No doubt about that. His mission in life was to
> demonstrate the unity of all religions. To him all the
> flavours of Hinduism (Advaita, Dvaita,
> Vishishtadvaita, Budhdhism, Jainism...), Christianity,
> Islam or for that matter any other religion were one
> and the same in essence.
> As to that quote - I just quoted it since it uses the
> words Paramarthika and Vyavaharika. I quoted it to ask
> what we are getting into. I do not understand that
> quote at all (nor do I understand Advaita!). Note that
> in it he uses the word "tyranny" - which indicates
> physical harm. He uses it in the context of
> caste-related discrimination.
> As to how Swami Vivekanda explains Upanishadic
> statements about Ishvara and nirguNa braHman - I
> cannot give you a good answer. But I believe that he
> does.
> I am a newcomer to this whole thing called Advaita or
> for that matter religion. I seek only the Truth. If
> Advaita can give me the Truth, I go for it. If Dvaita
> can, I'll go for it. If Vishishtadvaita can, I'll go
> for it. If Electronics can, I'll go for it. If all of
> them put together can, I'll go for it. But if and when
> I discover it, if I do not obtain Strength, I'll shed
> them all. That which does not give Strength is
> useless. It is not the Truth. Not to mention, Strength
> means PHYSICAL strength.
> I have learnt a lot about Advaita from these few mails
> that we have exchanged. My "100m in 2s" questions are
> almost answered, and the answers are disappointing
> since the braHmavid's physical capabilities remain
> limited. I do not mean that your understanding of
> Advaita is lacking. What I mean is - my expectations
> from Advaita are too much and perhaps stupid too. I
> have learnt that argument is useless, and so is
> theory.
> May we discover the Truth! May we develop that
> Strength which can shake this world! This world needs
> shaking!
> Dhanyavaad
> Kiran
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