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Hari Om !!

I remembered the enquiry on this list about this
prayer. Today, I saw the translation on the Advaitin
list posted by someone, and I forwarded it to this

(I knew it was in Bhagavata, because I listened to it
in a discourse of Swami Tejomayananda of Chinmaya
Mission. But, after a year I did not remember in which
part of Bhagavatam it was. So, I could not locate it
inspite of searching, until I saw this post on
Advaitin list again.)

This prayer is in 1 st Skandha 8 th Adhyaya. If you do
not have access to a sanskrit copy, I can fax it. Send
me your number. I will see if I can type it in ITRANS,
(I am not very well versed) and post it to the list,
if no one else does it.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


--- Venkatraman.Chandrasekaran at NOKIA.COM wrote:
> Thanks Srikrishna for forwarding this.
> By any chance if you get the sanskrit version of
> this, kindly
> do send it across.
> Thanks,
> chandrasekaran.
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> Jai Sri Krishna.
>  Following is copied from SrimadBhagavata Book one
> Dis. 8, Gita
> press.
> It is so beautiful to sing in Sanskrit. I hope our
> members will enjoy
> reading thi in English translation. Pl. pardon me
> for being long & any
> mistakes in typing. .
> Raju Das.
> Kunti said: "I, an ignorant woman, make obeisance to
> you, the Prime
> Person, transcending Prakrti and dwelling inside as
> well as outside
> all
> created beings, the invisible and imperishable God
> existing beyond the
> range of sense-perception and screened by the
> curtain of Maya.
> You cannot be seen by a man of perverted vision even
> as a dunce would
> tail to recognize an actor appearing in a garb
> appropriate to the
> stage.
> How then can we womenfolk perceive you, who have
> appeared in our midst
> just to engender Devotion in the heart of
> Paramahamsas (those endowed
> with the eye distinguishing the material from the
> spiritual) who are
> given to contemplation and pure of mind?
> Obeisance, obeisance to you Sri Krsna, son of
> Vasudeva, the delight of
> Devaki (your blessed mother), the foster child of
> the cowherd nanda,
> Lord Govinda. Obeisance to you whose navel is
> adorned with a lotus;
> obeisance to you, wearing a wreath of lotus flowers;
> obeisance to you.
> Possessing lotus-like eyes; obeisance to you, whose
> feet resemble the
> lotus.
>  O Hrsikesa (Lord of the senses), even as you
> delivered Devaki (Your
> own
> mother), who had been shut up in prison for a long
> time by the wicked
> Kamsa and was overcome with grief. So did you, O
> almighty Lord,
> repeatedly save me along with my sons from a sense
> of calamities? It
> is
> you, O Hari , who protected us from poison, from a
> huge fire, from the
> look of man-eating demons, from the assembly of
> wicked people
> (Duryodhana and his associates), from the perils met
> during forest
> life,
> from the missiles of many a great warrior (like
> Bhisma, Drona, Karna
> and
> so on) in every battle, and just now from the
> missile discharged by
> Aswathama (the son of Dronacarya).
> May calamities befall us at every step through
> eternity, O Teacher of
> the world, for it is in adversity alone that we are
> blessed with your
> sight, which eliminates the possibility of our
> seeing another birth?
>  A man whose birth, power, learning and affluence
> only save to swell
> his
> pride is unable even to utter your name, you being
> open to the
> perception of only those who have nothing to call
> their own. You are
> the
> only wealth of those who have no sense of
> possession. Beyond the realm
> of the three gunas or modes of Prakriti, You delight
> in your own self
> ;and are perfectly calm; You are the Lord of Mokse
> (final beatitude).
> I
> bow to you again and again.
> I believe you to be Kala ( the time -spirit), the
> almighty Ruler of
> all,
> having no beginning or end and moving alike among
> all the creatures,
> although it is You, again, who serve as an occasion
> for them to
> contend
> with one another, None, O Lord , can know what you
> intend doing when
> you
> are acting like men. No one is ever dear or
> loathsome to you; It is
> men
> alone who think of you in terms of diversity.
>  O Lord, You are the Soul of the universe, nay, the
> Universe itself.
> You
> are, asa a matter of fact, devoid of birth and
> actions; Your birth and
> actions in the sub-human species as well as among
> men, Rsis and
> aquatic
> creatures are mere sport. When you offended (your
> foster-mother)
> Yasoda
> (by smashing the pot of curds) and she took a cord
> to bind you, the
> way
> in which you stood full of fear, with your face cast
> down, your eyes
> rolling about in confusion and their collyrium
> dissolved in tears,
> fills
> me with bewilderment.
> To think that even He of whom Fear  itself is afraid
> should appear so
> stricken with fear ! Some people avert that, though
> unborn, you have
> appeared in the race of your beloved yadu of sacred
> renown just in
> order
> to enhance his glory , even as a sandal tree takes
> root on the Malaya
> mountain in order to bring reputation to the latter.
> Others  declare
> that , though birthless. You were born of Devaki,
> Vasudev's wife for
> the
> protection of this world and the expermination of
> the enemies of gods,
> as solicited by the couple (in their previous
> existence). Still others
> assert that in respose to the prayer of Brahma (the
> self born Creator)
> You have appeared (in our midst) to relieve the
> burden of the earth,
> which was groaning under a heavy load like a vassel
> sinking in the
> sea.
> Some others maintain that you have descended on
> earth with intention
> of
> performing deeds fit to be heard of or dwelt upon by
> those who are
> being
> tormented in this world by ignorance, desire and
> selfish acts.
>  That is why your devotees constantly listen to,
> sing, repeat to
> others
> and contemplate on your stories and rejoices; and it
> is they alone who
> behold before long your lotus-feet that put an end
> to the stream of
> births and deaths. O Lord, (we know) you have always
> granted the
> wishes
> of your own people. Is ;it a fact, then that you
> intend this very day
> to
> leave us, Your relations, who exclusively depend on
> you and who have
> no
> asylum other than your lotus-feet, having alienated
> other monarchs by
> inflicting suffering on them?  When you are out of
> sight, the Yadus
> and
> ourselves, the Pandavas, are of no more consequence
> in name of form
> than
> the senses when their ruler, the soul has quitted
> them.
>  This earth will not look so bright then, O Wielder
> of a mace, as it
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