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On Sat, 31 Aug 2002 14:09:52 -0700, Kiran B R <kiranbr at ROCKETMAIL.COM>

>> As far as your argument is concerned, I just
>> showed why it is
>> meaningless, regardless of whether brahman controls
>> worldly reality or not.
>It is not meaningless whether he controls or not. Was
>Krishna's ability to cause an eclipse during the
>Kurukshetra war meaningless? Was Narasimha's ability
>to emerge from a pillar meaningless? Or is that all
>nonsense in the Shrutis?

If you really wish to know, why don't you ask someone who is a Brahmavit?
Instead of wasting your thoughts here, why don't you search for a
Brahmajnani. Your search here is futile as only theoretical (no matter how
knowledgeable) answers can be given to you. To find someone who knows
Brahman, you will have to do the searching. Why don't you do that - trust
me, to stand in the presence of a Brahmajnani is itself the result of many
punyas. Maybe if you start today, you can find one and then ask him these
questions. But in a way, we are all doing the same thing although I would
say that we are preparing ourselves for that moment when our Guru finds us
and leads "us" by the hand. All the studying, rituals and debating is only
so that we prepare ourselves for the day when we stand in the presence of a
Guru, who is well established in Brahman.

In the words of the ad for US Army, Brahman Wants You. Are You Ready?


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