LakshmiNrsimha Karaavalamba Stotram

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Fri May 31 01:35:22 CDT 2002

On Thu, 30 May 2002 18:27:32 -0700, Venkatraman.Chandrasekaran at NOKIA.COM

>I am sending the link to the text for Lakshmi Nrsimha Karaavalamba stotram,
>so that some erudite member in this list might look into it and post a
>In this page, click on "Sanskrit Documents". Then click on "Vishnu" under
>deity list. In the following page look for lakshminR^isin.ha.
>Thanks in advance,

 Please see the archives of this list for the second week of May 1998
 for a translation by yours truly.

 The same is also available at:

 This beautiful hymn is one of my favorites. Also, HH Abhniva Vidya
 Teertha Swami has said that Narasimha combines features of both
 Vishnu and Shiva, not just Vishnu, because He is often described
 as having three eyes (tryaKsha), the pinAka bow, etc, apart from
 the shaN^kha, chakra and other characteristics of Vishnu.


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