Advaita and the Gita

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While it is true that Aurobindo is not  SAnkarAdvaitic and has clearly
distanced himself from Sankara his philosophy is also non-dualistic. Infact
it has a marked resemblence with Kashmir Saivism in that it treats the world
as Real. Even a cursory browsing of his book The Life Divine would vindicate
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> On Thu, 30 May 2002, Stephanie Stean wrote:
> > Jaldhar:
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> > Could you please explain to me what you mean by:
> >
> >  >Note, of those three only the middle one was an Advaita Vedantin.
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> > I'm new with the terms and want to make sure I understand what you mean?
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> > Thanks
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> > >>          Three other interpretations of the Gita which you may find
> > >> are by Abhinavagupta, Madhusudana Sarasvati and Sri Aurobindo.
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> Abhinavagupta was a proponent of Kashmir Shaivism, which though being
> essentially non-dualistic (it teaches the eternal unity of Shiva and the
> individual soul) is not really part of the advaita Vedanta tradition of
> Shankara, which is what this list is all about. Moreover, there are some
> important differences between the two, e.g. Kashmir Shaivism believes in
> the reality of the world, which advaita Vedanta denies. You may want to
> visit to learn more about it.
> Aurobindo has specifically said that his philosophy is not non-dualism, in
> fact he is *against* non-dualism.
> Madhusudana Saraswati (the middle name among the three listed) was a
> 16th-century Vedantin of the advaita tradition, and he wrote the famous
> "advaita siddhi" that was translated and explained in this list by Anand
> Hudli.

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