Gayatri Mantra and Agarwals - request to moderators

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Namaste Jaldharji,

Thanks for the reply. I particularly liked your last para though.

Onward forward,

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> K Kathirasan wrote:
> > Unfortunately, from my observations, publications of Kamakoti deal more
> > with aparavidya than paravidya. Hence, Kamakoti pitha's works may not be
> > the best option to understand the Advaitic vision.
> This is entirely in keeping with the Advaita Vedantic outlook.  Let's face
> it the jnana marga is hard.  Not many are prepared for it.  Even amongst
> those, not many will achive the goal in this lifetime.  So our merciful
> acharyas have defined a path for those who are left out too so that they
> may be slowly weaned from a worldly outlook to a more spiritual one.
> Ravishankar Venkatraman wrote:
> > I am not learning anything new which should be the case with many of
> you.
> > We have some really erudite people, who can tell us good things.
> Sathya J. wrote:
> > We need to keep our FOCUS on ATMA JNANA
> K Kathirasan wrote:
> > we should spend more time on Jnana Kanda than Karma Kanda.
> What you get out of the list also depends on what you put in.  The people
> who post regularly have their own interests but you don't have to wait for
> them.  Why wait for "experts" when there is an expert hidden in all of
> you?  And the beauty of the Internet is it never fills up.  There is
> plenty of room for new topics as well as the old.  If I might make a
> suggestion, there was a request for an English translation of
> Narasimhakaravalamba stotra of Shankaracharya.  That might be a good
> project for someone.  Or if that doesn't interest you go right ahead and
> write about something else that does.
> I'll answer any remaining questions but personally I think I've said all
> that can be usefully said on this topic so I'll be moving on to things you
> might find more interesting now.
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