Gayatri Mantra and Agarwals - request to moderators

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Wed May 29 22:24:59 CDT 2002

Namaste Raviji

I agree with you wholeheartedly. Regards.

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> All List Members,
> I joined this list to learn more about Sri Sankara's philosophy. When I
> joined here, we used to have good discussions on Brahma Sutra Bashyas.
> Later unfortunately, I find that there are elaborate discussions on more
> mundane things about food, marriage and castes, when compared to the
> actual philosophy. It is true that we need to follow our karma for the
> sake of getting detachment and conquering our personal weaknesses, and to
> do that we should know what our karma is. We live in a free world and you
> can try out any thing these days. There are so many people preaching all
> kinds of things. But elaborate political discussions combined with racist
> and sexist views is not necessary for this list - this is my personal
> view.
> It has got nothing to do with Sri Sankara's life and philosophy.
> In the last several months, there have been repeated discussions more on
> these matters than the philosophy itself. I would request all involved to
> get into more meaningful discussions for the benefit of all of us.
> I am not learning anything new which should be the case with many of you.
> We have some really erudite people, who can tell us good things. Please
> let us go back to prolific discussions to enhance our knowledge.
> Thanks,
> Ravi
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