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Tue May 28 19:33:23 CDT 2002

[CC'd to Vishal since he may not be on the list]

I hope you reconsider. I have enjoyed your informative
posts a lot.

Regarding walking cemetry et al: That text has been
quoted not just by sha.nkara, but also by Ramanuja. I
think we don't need to take it literally. I don't
think it was ever taken literally.

Sha.nkara argues for adhikAra only for karma. In the
same section of the brahma sUtra bhAshhya, he also
makes it clear that jnAna is accessible to one and
all, including to those outside the varNa system.

For advaitins, jnAnAdeva tu kaivalyam. Also sureshvara
very clearly puts it as AtmalAbhAt.h paro lAbho
na-asti-iti munayo viduh.

That jnAna is accessible to one and all is affirmed by
the modern representatives of sha.nkara also. If you
disagree with sha.nkaras teachings in this regard, it
would be best to live and let live. Why get agitated
over this? As long as you can find some information in
the list members posts, is that not enough? This list
probably has one of the highest signal-to-noise ratios
among lists of its kind.

Re: Vishals web-site. I encourage list members to
access it. There is a wealth of information on Indian
philosophy/philosophy of history. There are also
articles on politics. Whether you agree with the
political pieces or not does not reduce the value of
the other articles one bit. They are splendid and a
useful resource.


--- Vishal Agarwal <vishalagarwal at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> Please unsubscrible me from your misogynist and
> casteist list.
> Since I am a Sudra who has not only heard
> recitations from all the Vedas,
> but also recites them, please go ahead and come to
> my home town to pour lead
> into my ears.
> After all, I am just a 'walking cemetry'.
> Vishal

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